Practice re-opening FAQs

When will my dental practice open?

Every dental practice is looking at how they can reopen services whilst also undertaking the appropriate training to ensure services are safe for both staff and patients.

Leek Dental Centre will re-open for pre-booked emergency appointments only on Monday 8th June.  In the first instance, please call the practice on 01538 371003 and you will be triaged and assessed by one of our clinicians.

What services will my dental practice offer?

Services are not quite back to normal and we may not be able to provide you with the same service you have always received from us.  Initially, we will be providing an emergency pre-booked service only for patients who are triaged and assessed by our clinician.  We will be looking at introducing further treatment options as soon as we are able to.

Why can’t dental practices offer all services straight away?

Some dental treatments produce aerosols, these are treatments that require the use of a drill or scaler.  Until dental practices have the appropriate PPE they are not permitted to perform aerosol generating treatments.

If you were in the middle of treatment as we entered lockdown, we will contact you when we are able to offer you an appointment to complete your treatment.

I’m due to have a routine dental check-up. Will this go ahead?

It may be some time before we can offer routine examination appointments due to the urgent needs of some of our patients.  We will contact patients to book routine check-ups as soon as we are able to.

What should I do if I need urgent dental care?

If you are in pain or in need of support and help or advice, please contact us in the usual way on 01538 371003 and our clinician will triage and assess you and will either offer you an appointment or provide you with advice/antibiotics.